Soilmec CSP Video

A new video from Soilmec dedicated to Cased Secant Piles (CSP) technology, here on a SR-90 drilling rig.

Cased secant piles technology is conceived for lined piles with the continuous flight auger method, a particularly efficient method for the formation of continuous structural and/or sealed bulkheads.

CSP is an ideal technology for projects in urban centers, in that it eliminates vibration and disturbances to adjacent structures, reduces noise emissions and avoids the use of bentonite mud for drilling, and greatly simplifies disposal of waste material.

Thanks to Soilmec constant technical improvement, this technology has significantly broadened its fields of application, allowing for a much wider range of diameters and lengths. The great performance of the rig is guaranteed thanks to the double independent rotary head that, assisted by crowd-force of the crowd-winch system, assures the best production rate.