Drilling Mate System

Soilmec DMS is an electronic system for drilling equipment control, production supervision and fleet management.

The DMS Product Suite is an integrated solution embracing smart technology to optimise the use of machinery and increase efficiency on job sites. Soilmec DMS helps to gain unique insights into ground engineering and piling business by collecting, analysing and managing the most relevant information from the drilling equipment. The system is intended to support construction companies in daily operations and business processes by improving decision making and leveraging the potential of data analytics.

DMS On Board is a hi-tech built-in instrumentation on Soilmec equipment designed and tailored to increase piling efficiency through improved operations control, automated drilling functions and job-aid tools. DMS ON BOARD design incorporates full safety system in compliance with EN standards and features a multi-language touch screen display with individually configurable work pages. DMS ON BOARD set-up is technology and process specific with differentiated access levels.

DMS PC is a licensed software for processing data collected by DMS On Board. DMS PC generates comprehensive job-site reports that can be tailored using selectable indicators, scale, charts templates and colour scheme to track rig performance, production and usage of raw materials. The data may be imported/synchronized via a removable USB key (used to store the production data on the machines), transferred automatically via e-mail or uploaded to cloud through DMS Manager 4.0.

DMS Manager 4.0 is a Soilmec cloud-running application for remote, centralized supervision of the rig fleet, workforce and productivity in real time. This advanced telematics solution is powered by IoT technology enabling maximized asset uptime, optimized fleet management and integrated service support. DMS Manager provides a wide-ranging overview of the entire fleet performance, whereabouts and service needs, consolidating information from DMS On Board and DMS PC.

Soilmec DMS connects operational needs and ensures agile business development by optimising tasks, processes and projects. It improves communication between the field and office and provides higher machine utilisation, productivity and profitability.



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