SF-55 CFA Rig

The SF-55 delivers the ideal combination of efficiency, smart working and compactness. The main design elements and the technological innovations come together in this new machine. Increased performance, simplicity and reliability are the results of this new step ahead.

New DMS 4.0, a multi-language adjustable 12” touch-screen to manage the drilling rig, monitor alarms, and set and store technology parameters in real time.

CFA Autorotary. This function increases the operator comfort reducing thefatigue and arm vibration during the drilling phase.

CFA Auto Drilling is the automated drilling system developed by Soilmec. DMS defines the correct mix of parameters and checks to ensure greater efficiency in terms of digging performance.

  • Allows the operator to detect the corkscrew effect
  • Allows the operator to detect excessive over-excavation & over-flighting
  • Optimises the level of auger filling
  • Optimises the drilling process
  • Allows the operator to become a controller of the automated functions set
  • Reduces stress and fatigue to the operator

Wi-Fi Concrete Sensor used to measure the pressure of the concrete.
Auxiliary line restraint – in a safe position easily accessible to the banksman.



Max torque kNm 100
Weight t 37.2
Diesel engine kW 168
Extraction force kN 510
Main winch kN 102
Max auger extension m 6
Min. transport weight t 34.8


Max diameter (CFA) mm 900
Max depth (CFA) m 27

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