SC-200 C/W P450/P700 Tiger

The SC-200 Tiger is the hydromill which allowed to excavate the deepest diaphragm wall in the world (250 m depth). The record was achieved in 2012 with a proofed verticality deviation of about 0.1%.

This special equipment is dedicated to projects envisaging the excavation of deep panels (e.g. dams refurbishing and mining) and it is designed, as well, for an easy access/maintenance and great performances.

Combined with its SH-50 hydromill module, the SC-200 collects the highest level of the Trevi Group hydromill technology and it is equipped with a special verticality sensor, designed for long-time excavations of deep panels.

The DMS (Drilling Mate System), developed by Soilmec and installed on all the products of the range, allows the real-time monitoring of all the operating parameters and of the production process, including a dual-axis positioning sensor (triple-axis version as optional) that controls the geometry of the panel with 2D and 3D graphics print out.


Weight t 200
Cutting depth m 250
Diesel engine kW 450
External power pack kW 450
Height m 30
Suggested milling unit SH-40 / SH-50

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