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Soilmec Ltd DMS Support Centre

DMS is a project born in the mid 90’s with the aim of providing to both operators and job site personnel, an active instrument to control and interact with the machine.

Soilmec have perceived a technical revolution in the field of drilling machines, used the extensive experience acquired on jobsites to develop a tool that would allow the operator to manage both machine and production.

DMS – Machine control monitoring and supervision.

Soilmec DMS touch screenDMS is a stand alone tool located in the cabin and equipped with a touch screen interface which allows the operator to use the machine to set and monitor drilling parameters.

Thanks to its interfacing with the diesel engine unit and various machine sensors, DMS allows monitoring of the overall operation of the machine, recording alarms, performing troubleshooting and planning maintenance.

DMS PC – Drilling parameters monitoring and supervision.

Soilmec DMS PCDMS PC is the software that allows displaying and processing through a PC.  Machine operating data collected by DMS can be stored on a memory card, USB drive or sent by DMS via radio, GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi or satellite.



DMS Manager – DMS remote control.

Soilmec DMS ManagerDMS Manager is the software that allows full remote monitoring of all machine information, sent via radio, GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi or satellite.




Soilmec Ltd DMS Support Centre.

DMS Support Centre OundleThe DMS Support Centre based at Soilmec’s U.K facility has dramatically increased the service level of Soilmec.  The After Sales Department can quickly view the status of the U.K’s machine fleet.  The machine alarms, location and real time connection with the rig can provide quick, reliable assistance to the operators either by phone or a service engineer visit.

For more information on the Soilmec DMS system, please download our DMS Brochure.






DMS Support Centre Oundle


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