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SM-12 Mini Piling Rig

Soilmec SM-12 Mini Piling Rig

The Soilmec SM-12 is a restricted access drilling machine featuring two mast lengths with 6400mm and 1840mm mast stroke, both with a 140kN extraction force.

The rig is suitable for up to 600 mm diameters auger drilling to a maximum of 6m length sections. The high torque rotary head has a 40kNm maximum torque with the ability for 4” concrete injection through the head due to the large swivel and swan neck.

The SM-12 hydraulic drilling rig has been specially designed for the following applications:

SFA (Sectional Flight Auger)

Fitted as standard with a double hinged safety guard and slow rotation kit complying to the new EN16228 European Standard.

Engine Power : 119 kW
Max Torque : 40 kNm
Max Hoist : 140 kN
Max Diameter : 660mm
Min Transport Weight : 14t


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