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SM-16G Ground Investigation Rig

Soilmec SM-16G

The SM-16G is part of the Soilmec range of soil investigation rigs and ground investigation rigs which have been specially designed for conventional continuous diamond coring and wire-line coring. This rig has been designed for deep core drilling. The high pull/push values and the high hydraulic power installed allows use of fast rotary speeds (over 1000 rpm) for conventional and wire-line diamond core drilling to great depths.

Main features on the SM-16G:

Rotary head with 6-speed transmission (maximum speed: 1000 rpm)Fixed kinetic mechanismExtraction capacity: 19500 kgHydraulic balancing

Option equipment includes:

Triplex mud pumps 185/45 barWire-line winch, 800 m rope capacityThrust block with pistons for inclined drillingJet-grouting kitDouble rotary

Engine Power : 176 kW
Max Torque : 10.2 kNm
Max Hoist : 200 kN
Max Diameter : 320mm
Min Transport Weight : 16t


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