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SC-120 Foundation Crane

Soilmec SC-120

The Soilmec SC-120 is a highly versatile heavy crawler crane that offers high performance along with the benefit being highly adaptable.

The SC-120 can be used to work with hydromills, crane attachments, vibrators, hydraulic and mechanical grabs and so is suitable for a vast range of building projects and construction sites.

The main features are:

Multi element lattice boomBoom hoist by multiple reeving winchEngine CAT 18Comfortable operator cabMechanical and hydraulic fittings for casing oscillatorRemovable and self-assembling tracksControlled descent or free fall type winchesMulti element self-lifting counterweight

Engine Power : 522 kW
Lifting Capacity : 120 t
Winch Line Pull : 376 kN
Boom Length : 54 m
Weight : 131 t


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SC-120 PDF