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SR-30 CFA Rig


Soilmec rigs are self-mounting, easily transportable and designed to giving the best drilling solutions. The hydraulic drilling rig SR-30 CFA has been specially designed to suit the following applications:

LDP cased bore piles with casing driven directly by rotary head or optionally by casing oscillator powered by the base carrier itself LDP deep uncased bored piles stabilized by drilling fluid or dry hole CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles by means of long auger string TJ (Turbojet┬«) / TTJ (Twin Shaft Turbojet) – soil consolidation GK-5 (Diaphragm Wall) – with hydraulic guided grab

The SR-30 CFA is equipped with the DRILLING MATE SYSTEM (DMS) on a 12′ touch screen for monitoring and control of the rig performance and operating parameters.

Engine Power : 164 kW
Max Torque : 130 kNm
Main Winch : 135 kN
Min Transport Weight : 26t
CCS : 124/68kN
Max Diameter (LDP) : 1500mm
Max Depth (LDP) : 49m
Max Diameter (CFA) : 750mm
Max Depth (CFA) : 19.5m


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