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Drilling Tools

Soilmec Ltd provides a complete drilling tools range which includes both standard drilling tools and customized drilling tools.

Selecting the correct cutting tool is a complicated decision that any piling Contractor will face on every job in order to complete it on time and, therefore, the use of an appropriate tool capable of achieving the overall expected productivity level is vital.

Soilmec has become a worldwide reference point based on over four decades of experience providing appropriate solutions in the underground engineering sector.

Soilmec drilling tool range includes general purpose Augers, boring Buckets, cleaning Buckets and core barrels amongst others. Standard Soilmec drilling tools range from small to large borehole diameters (400 mm – 2000 mm), and offer the possibility to mount kelly box size 130×130 mm, 150×150 mm and 200×200 mm.

See below for further technical details in our PDF brochures.

Soilmec Ltd can supply a variety of drilling tools for any soil and rock type.

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Drilling Tools

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