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Casing Oscillators

Soilmec Ltd provides a complete drilling tools range which includes hydraulic casing oscillators.

A prominent feature of Soilmec’s casing oscillators are the clamping collar which consists of five links operating on the boring implement. The individual links surround the casing like a chain so that a constant surface pressure is exerted on the casing circumference. In addition, the large height of the collar (400 and 700 mm. resp.) prevents any damage to the casings.

By means of easily exchangeable reducer pieces the oscillator can be converted, within a few minutes, to a smaller casing diameter. The collar opens uniformly and enables unproblematic insertion of the casing with the cutting shoe.

Another advantage of the Soilmec oscillator is the low height on the excavator side. The excavator can be swivelled by 360°in the coupled condition. Attachment at the excavator itself is torque rigid and guarantees the transmission of the full rotating movement of 25°to the casing if the excavator is firmly situated.

See below for further technical details in our PDF brochures.

Soilmec supply a variety of sized Casing Oscillators:

VRM 100 KL : 1,000mm diameterVRM 130 KL : 1,300mm diameterVRM 150 KL : 1,500mm diameterVRM 200 KL : 2,000mm diameterVRM 2000 : 2,000mm diameterVRM 2500 : 2,500mm diameterVRM 3000 : 3,000mm diameter

Casing Oscillators

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