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Cementation Skanska take delivery of a new Soilmec Crane

Soilmec SC-80 Foundation Crane

Cementation Skanska take delivery of the very first Soilmec Crane to enter the U.K.  The crane has just successfully completed its first contract in Glasgow.

Soilmec SC-80 Crance   Cementation Skanska Soilmec SC-80

The SC-80 is a Soilmec crane with an electro-hydraulic proportional control system provides accurate and simultaneous movements. Regarding performance, the maximum capacity is 80 tons with a working radius of about 3.5 m; the diesel engine power (205 kW) and the hoisting force (178 kN) are greater than those of the main competitors’ cranes.

Another advantage is the new Soilmec cab, very comfortable for the operator and, especially, its innovative control panel.

Finally, we highlight the different possible operating configurations (crane, hydraulic grab, cable grab, hydraulic rotary, dragline, etc.), which allow the SC-80 to be suitable for a large range of applications.

Download SC-80 Brochure



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